Acoustic studies on the binary mixtures of glycerine and water of different dielectric constant, different concentration and at different temperatures

Author(s): Charles C.Kanakam*, T.Balakrishnan, K.Tamilselvan

The solvents and solventmixtures play a very important role as a medium of carrying out chemical reactions. Often the polarity, the dielectric constant of the solvent and the capacity to take part in intermolecular interaction such as van derWaals interaction, electrostatic attraction and hydrogen bonding of the medium influences the rate of reaction and even the mechanismof the reaction. Solvents like water and glycerol are hydroxylic solvents having high dielectric constant. They are associated even in the pure state. While mixing, intramolecular bonding may give way to intermolecular hydrogen bonding. This leads to nonideal behaviour of the solvent mixturs. This can be qualitatively understood by carrying out ultrasonic studies on the mixture of different composition, at different temperature and at different dielectric constants.

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