A Study on the Effect of Untreated and TiO2 Treated Orange G Solution on the Growth and Biochemical Parameters of Allium Cepa (Onion)

Author(s): Ritu Godawat, Rakshit Ameta and Seema Kothari

The present study aims at using dye industry effluents for crop irrigation following treatment by low cost semiconductor material. Orange G dye solution was used and treated with TiO2 under sunlight. The resulting photobleached solution was used for growth of analysis studies in Allium cepa. Growth parameters for onion bulb like shoot growth, shoot density, root growth and root density were reported. The effect of this photocatalytic treatment was observed in terms of certain biochemical parameters like chlorophyll, sugar and protein content. The findings of the investigation reinforce the fact that effluents from dyeing industries can be reused effectively.

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