A Study on Chikungunya Prevalence During 2009 in the State of Andhra Pradesh, South India

Author(s): S. Siva Prasad, K. Venugopal, B. Anusha, S. Dadapeer, S. D. Hamidulla, T. Manasa, S. Neelima, D. Sudarshan and K. Ananda Reddy

The first chikungunya fever case was observed in the state of Andhra Pradesh during the year 2004-05, followed by large outbreaks emerged in India at 2006 and starting from the state of Andhra Pradesh the disease spread to 16 other states infecting more than 1.39 million people before the end of the year. Three of the worst affected districts viz, Cuddapah (Coordinates: 14°30′36″N 078°46′22″E14.51°N 78.77278°E), Kurnool (Coordinates: 15°50′N 78°03′E15.83°N 78.05°E) and Nellore (Coordinates: 14°26′N 79°58′E14.43°N 79.97°E) were surveyed during 2009-10 to understand the magnitude of the problem of chikungunya fever, clinical signs and symptoms and effective therapy. A total of 146 physicians from three districts were surveyed for their opinion on the prevalence of disease, clinical signs, symptoms and effective therapy were recorded. The symptoms recorded were fever (94%), headache (54%), arthralgia (96.2%) and myalgia (90%). The physicians were preferred 4th generation cephalosporin’s (Cefixime) for the treatment of infection, a paracetamol and aceclofenac is used for the therapy of fever. No gender wise difference was observed for any of the symptoms.

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