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A Review on Low-Carbohydrate Diet and Women’s Health

Author(s): Udaya B

low-carbohydrate eating regimens can bring about weight reduction and enhance metabolic wellbeing. There is some proof that a low-sugar eating routine may help individuals get more fit more rapidly than a low-fat eating regimen and may help them keep up that weight reduction. While low-carbohydrate weight control plans are frequently characterized by the supreme measure of sugar admission, normally under 70 g for each day, different levels of dietary carbohydrate are generally characterized in light of the extent of vitality admission. A low-carbohydrate diet may cause irregular menstrual cycles or amenorrhea in some women who take carbohydrate deficient diet, they may encounter sporadic menstrual cycles or amenorrhea. The ideal measure of dietary carbohydrate varies for every person. Numerous specialists in the field suggest to devour 15% to 30% of aggregate calories as carbohydrate. For most of the women, the diet requirement is around 75 g to 150 g per day.

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