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A novel and innovative method for reduction of mild steel corrosion in water by activated carbon from prosopis juliflora

Author(s): N.Zulfareen, K.Kannan, T.Venugopal*

The activated carbon (prosopis juliflora) is used to reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen present in water. This prevents the rate of corrosion in industrial water supply. Experiments were carried out by changing the temperature and pH. The amount of dissolved oxygen removal is high as the mass of activated carbon increases. The inhibition efficiency of mild steel is calculated by weight loss, polarization and impedance techniques in distilledwater. The inhibition efficiency at roomtemperature was 72.95% and for 600C the efficiencywas 86.88%in 100ml distilled water for 300mg of prosopis juliflora. When the pH increases the activated carbon becomes more effective. The inhibition efficiency reported in weight loss methodwas 74.59%in 100ml distilledwater for 300mg of prosopis juliflora at pH=3. In basic conditions inhibition efficiency was 87.70% in 100 ml distilled water for 300 mg of prosopis juliflora at pH=12. The inhibition efficiency increases with increase in the mass of activated carbon. The surface morphology was carried out by FT-IR and SEM techniques. The adsorption of activated carbon follows Langmuir adsorption isotherm.

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