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A new technique for extention the storage life of date palm fruits cvs Zaghloul and Samany during cold storage

Author(s): Eman A.A.Abd El-moniem, F.Abd El-Kareem, Mona A.Nassar

This experiment was carried out during two successive seasons (2007 and 2008) on two date fruits cvs (Zaghloul and Samany) harvested at full coloured stage (khlal). Experimental fruits were divided into four similar groups. Fruits of the first group left without coating (control). While, the three other groups were separately coated with prickly pear cactus mucilage (Opuntia ficus indica), jojoba oil emulsified and lemon grass oil. Cactus pear stems were cooked with water in the ratio of 1:5in an autoclave at 160C for 1h, while jojoba oil and lemon grass emulsion were used at 5 ml/L. The four groups were stored at 0C and 90-95% RH. The fruits were examined every 15 days during 60 days storage period. Coating fruits with jojoba oil, lemon grass oil or cactus – mucilage reduced fruit decay and weight loss and increased fruits storage life. Along the storage till 60 days T.S.S. were increased, however titratable acidity and Tannins contents were decreased. Results indicated that all treatments significantly decreased the post harvest diseases of date palm fruits caused by Penicillium spp. and Aspergillus spp. during storage. Increased consumer demand for higher quality packing in combination with the environmental need to minimize packaging loss led to increase the interest in research into edible coatings. In this work prickly pear cactus mucilage, lemon grass oil and jojoba oil were investigated for coating carton. The effect of coating on tensile strength and water absorption of carton was discussed.

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