A kinetic and mechanistic study of Rh(III) catalysed oxidation of 2- ketoglutaric acid by bromamine–T in acidic medium

Author(s): Divya Gupta, M.R.Tripathi

The Rh(III) catalyzed oxidation of 2-ketoglutaric acid by bromamine-T in acidmediumhas been studied. The reaction is first order each in bromamine - T and acid, less than unity order in both substrate and catalyst. The reaction constant is positive and increase with increase in temperature. The mechanism is influenced by participation of the neighboring group of 2- ketoglutaric, and intermolecular catalysis of Rh(III) is proposed. Insignificant effect of þ- toluenesulphonamide was observed. The processes are controlled by electron withdrawing and electron releasing substituents.

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