43-kDa coagulant active protein from moringa oleifera seed: Isolation, purification, characterization and evaluation their turbidity removal efficiency

Author(s): Kunal N.Trivedi, Bhavesh D.Kevadiya, Arvind B.Boricha, Hari C.Bajaj, Raksh V.Jasra

Moringa Oleifera seed contain admirable coagulation properties for the water clarification. In presents study coagulation active compound have been isolated and purified, and was characterized by SDS-PAGE method. The isolated active agent from Moringa Oleifera is cationic protein, have 43-kDa molecular weight. The coagulation/flocculation activity of protein was examined on clay suspension (model turbid water). Comparison study was performed on jar test apparatus between the coagulant active protein and alumusingmodel turbid water. The dosage of coagulant active protein was optimized and showed better coagulation efficiency compared to alum for turbidity removal.

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