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33Factorial optimization of cobalt eletrowinning parameters from sulphate media using anode bag

Author(s): B.M.Trivedi*, G.Prabaharan, P.K.Das

The study focused on the application of factorial optimization technique on the cobalt electrowinning with anode bag and its advantages over conventional electrowinning cell practice. Under fixed electrolyte conditions three parameters viz. pH, Cobalt concentration and current density have been varied at three different level and regression equations have been developed for current efficiency&power consumption and optimized conditions derived. The optimumconditions obtained; Cobalt sulfate concentration 47-50 g/Lin Electrolyte, pH3-4 and 250-280Ampere /meter square current density when cathode and anode are separated by 40 mm. The average current efficiency increased to 90% against 65% in conventional cell, Power consumption reduced to 30% and the regression equation for power consumption and current efficiency is derived and validity of the equation is tested with F-test. It opens the possibility of operating electrowinning cell even at higher current densities with same efficiency by adjusting the other parameters to increase the productivity.

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