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1,6-dihydrophenazine producing actinomycete Nocardiopsis sp. DS14-1 isolated from the deep sea sediment

Author(s): Akinori Ninomiya, Michitaka Hidaki, Yasuhiko Ohara, Katsuyoshi Michibayashi, Shinya Kodani

Themicroorganisms dwelling in deep sea are suggested to be evolutionally diverse fromthose living in normal soil and atmosphere. To find newuseful microorganism, we performed the isolation of microorganisms from the deep sea sediments at 4991 m depth. As a result, we found red pigment producing actinomycete strainDS14-1. The 16S rDNAanalysis onDS14-1 indicated that DS14-1 belonged to genus Nocardiopsis. The pure pigment was isolated from the agar culture of strain DS14-1 and identified as 1,6- dihydrophenazine, by NMR and MS spectra.

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