Suicidology is the medical look at of suicidal behaviour, the reasons of suicidalness and suicide prevention. There are many unique fields and disciplines involved with suicidology, the two primary ones being psychology and sociology. Every 12 months, approximately 1,000,000 humans die by suicide, which is a mortality fee of sixteen in step with one hundred,000 or one death every forty seconds. Suicide is essentially preventable with the right movements, information about suicide, and a exchange in society's view of suicide to make it greater desirable to speak about suicide. Most suicidologists consider the records of suicide in terms of courts, church, press, morals, and society. In Ancient Greece, there have been numerous reviews about suicide. It become tolerated and even lauded while devoted by means of patricians (generals and philosophers) however condemned if committed by plebeians (not unusual human beings) or slaves. In Rome, suicide became regarded as a substitute neutrally, even positively due to the fact lifestyles became held affordably. During early Christianity, excessive martyrdom and a penchant closer to suicide nervous church elders sufficiently for them to introduce a serious deterrent. Suicide became notion of as a criminal offense as it precluded possibility of repentance, and it violated the sixth commandment that's Thou shall not kill.