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Spiritual Resilience

Spirituality is vital to a huge percentage of the older person populace and serves as a key component of resilience. Using qualitative studies, we conducted and analyzed interviews with 64 members willing to discuss their experiences with adversity. Participants ranged in age from 52 to ninety three with a mean age of 74. For the functions of this study, we analyzed 46 of the 64 interviews, choosing members who indicated that spirituality turned into an critical aid for managing hassle. The researchers examined the connections among spirituality and resilience. Using in-depth interviews, we explored the interaction between spirituality and resilience and the significance spirituality plays in managing adversity and worry. A grounded theory analysis of the forty six interviews turned into completed. Major findings encompass members’ use of spirituality as a tool to promote and hold resilience in past due existence in 5 key domain names: reliance on relationships, non secular transformation, religious coping, power of belief, and commitment to non secular values and practices. Results are offered as an interpretation of the participants’ perceptions in their spirituality, and suggest their reliance on spirituality to conquer hardship. In addition, we speak the connections between spirituality and resilience and the way these connections play out within the lives of older adults while considering their generational and cohort fame. The roles those two constructs play within the lives of older adults are considered.  

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