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Robots In Space

Robonaut is a joint DARPA–NASA task designed to create a humanoid robot which could feature as an equivalent to human beings for the duration of the Nineteen Seventies and exploration. The large goal of the Robonaut mission is to construct a robot with dexterity that exceeds that of a perfect astronaut. Currently there are 4 distinctive robonauts with others in development, this style of robonauts allows for the observe of various tiers of mobility and tasking for every scenario. All four variations of this robot use numerous locomotion methods. Some variations of the robotic use the Segway HT for locomotion. Robonaut uses telepresence and diverse degrees of robot autonomy. While not all human variety of movement and sensitivity has been duplicated, the robot's hand has fourteen levels of freedom and makes use of touch sensors at the recommendations of its arms. One of the blessings of a humanoid robotic is that it'd not have to want a whole new set of equipment.    

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