Pregnancy Journals

When it comes to making preparations for motherhood, a baby book is a no-brainer. Of course you want to chronicle all those milestones and adorable moments from the minute you meet the little guy or girl. But don't forget the road that got you there. Cute pregnancy keepsake books and journals are a perfect way to track the nine—almost 10—months of maternity changes, cravings, thoughts and wishes. True, at the time you may not feel like strutting your ever-expanding bump for the camera, but you and your child will look back at those days with love (if not a slight wince at the recollection of some of those aches and pains). Here are seven reasons to start taking notes now. Celebrate the ups and downs of your pregnancy with this interactive journal, which invites you to record in detail this most extraordinary period of your life. With annotated prompts for you to fill in for each week of your pregnancy, storage wallets and sealable envelopes for keeping precious momentos, and photo spaces for you to capture the changing shape of your body, this journal will be a life-long keepsake of all your special memories. Each chapter offers guidance on what to expect,