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All cells are surrounded by a membrane that serves as a barrier between the inside of a cell and its environment. Moreover, different cellular processes occur on membranes, e.g., DNA replication and respiration. Most prokaryotic cells contain only one membrane, the plasma membrane (PM), which surrounds the cell, and all membrane-attached processes occur on it. In some prokaryotes, specific patches of the PM specialize in separate functions. This specialization is more advanced in eukaryotic cells, which contain membrane-bound intracellular compartments that carry out specific functions, e.g., nucleus for DNA replication and mitochondria for respiration. Membrane expansion and compartmentalization in eukaryotic cells enabled the development of larger cells (1000-10,000 fold increase in volume) and an efficient separation of cell functions. However, at the same time compartmentalization creates a new problem, namely the need for communication between the different cellular compartments. All eukaryotic cells contain membrane-bounded compartments that interact with the cell's environment. Vesicles transport proteins and lipids between these compartments via two major pathways: the outwards, exocytic pathway, carries material synthesized in the cytoplasm to the cell milieu, and the inwards, endocytic pathway, internalizes material from the environment to the inside of the cell.

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