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 Neonatal nursing is a nursing specialization that manages the consideration of in danger babies. This propelled practice territory requires archived nursing experience and a graduate degree in neonatal nursing. Neonatal attendants care for new-conceived babies who are untimely or brought into the world wiped out. Nursing is a difficult and compensating profession. Medical attendants who have some expertise in neonatal nursing submit their aptitudes and information to think about neonates and their families. Diary of Neonatal and Pediatric Medicine (NNP) is an academic Open Access diary that plans to distribute generally complete and dependable wellspring of data on huge subjects of sustenance that incorporate different parts of neonatal perinatal medication, neonatal concentrated consideration, neonatal treatment, neonatal medications, neonatal taking care of, neonatal nursing, neonatal diseases in the method of unique exploration and survey articles, just as case reports, short interchanges, discourses, little audits and making them uninhibitedly accessible online with no limitations or some other memberships to scientists around the world.  

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