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Maternal Risk Factors

Maternal risk factors include primitive pregnancy, miscarriage, maternal smoking, retardation of intrauterine development, thrombophilia, and intrauterine inflammatory status symptoms such as maternal fever (intrapartum), maternal inflammation, prolonged rupture of the membrane, chorioamnionitis, and placental inflammatory properties. The etiology of the hyperactivity disorder with attention deficit (ADHD) is complex. This research was performed to determine pregnancy-related maternal risk factors for ADHD. Health co-morbidities, when women have one or more medical problems, have been reported as an significant factor in direct maternal deaths.  Five main causes of immediate maternal mortality include eclampsia, pulmonary embolism, extreme sepsis, amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) and peripartum hemorrhage. Low birth weight is affected by many socio-economic factors such as environment, urban or rural, schooling, birth control, maternal drug misuse, religion and caste, maternal nutritional age of the baby, body mass index, hemoglobin level, etc., antennatal care quality (ANC) and pregnancy spacing. Low birth weight babies are a problem for families and societies. They contribute significantly to perinatal and neonatal mortality as well as to social , physical and developmental problems in the pediatric population.

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