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Knowledge And Awareness Of AIDS

 HIV/AIDS is perceived as a national need medical problem in Ghana. Subsequently, the Ghana AIDS Commission and the National AIDS Control Program were set up, in addition to other things, to improve the information and mindfulness on the nature, causes, impacts and methods for dealing with the spread of HIV/AIDS among populaces in danger in Ghana. Through the endeavors of these bodies and different partners in wellbeing, a few mindfulness creation and refinement endeavors have been focused at adolescent young ladies, a high hazard bunch in Ghana. This examination thusly surveys the information and consciousness of HIV/AIDS among senior secondary school young ladies in their teenagers in Ghana utilizing an example of 260 female understudies of West African Senior High School. The information gathered were dissected and examined under applicable topics and inside the setting of the writing. The investigation uncovered that for the most part, senior secondary school young ladies were educated on the nature, methods of transmission, and anticipation of HIV/AIDS. There were anyway a few understudies who showed constrained information on certain issues including the profound causes and treatment of HIV/AIDS, contacts and relationship with contaminated people, just as assurance of HIV disease from appearances as opposed to testing. The examination additionally raised significant worries about the hesitance of senior secondary school young ladies to utilize condoms as a preventive measure and the need to reorient HIV/AIDS mindfulness intercessions in Ghana

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