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  Intelligent media (innovation) builds the way wherein intelligence happens, dispensing correspondence from a point-to-point trade as found in vis-à-vis relational correspondence, to a system whose cooperation is bolstered by the organized idea of technology. Digital techniques have recently been depicted as 'a term that tries to catch an ongoing advancement in Internet-related examination, summed up as ways to deal with the web as informational index'. Utilizing this as a beginning stage, this paper positions computerized media techniques as a methodological methodology that fuses web based information, while likewise including other open and web based life stages, for example, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, giffy, Periscope, and Facebook among others. Advanced media strategies likewise reaches out to database research, information created by sensors, drones and self-ruling vehicles. Contemporary examination connecting with computerized media strategies is based upon the 'computational turn' where 'computational methodologies is progressively reflected over various orders, including expressions of the human experience, humanities and sociologies, which use innovations to move the basic ground of their ideas and speculations'. As media and correspondence researchers, our 'research is progressively being intervened through computerized innovation… influencing both the epistemologies and ontologies that underlie an examination program'. This paper features three noteworthy purposes of flight for advanced media techniques in the media and correspondence discipline: the expanding requirement for typologies and ontologies in web based life research; the hugeness of mapping open issues; and the challenges scientists face as text-based correspondence movements to outwardly situated stages.  

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