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 Nonalcoholic greasy liver ailment (NAFLD) is an ailment that may advance to end-stage liver disease.1 The range of NAFLD is wide and ranges from straightforward fat aggregation in hepatocytes (steatosis) without biochemical or histological proof of irritation or fibrosis, to fat amassing in addition to necroinflammatory action with or without fibrosis (steatohepatitis), to the improvement of cutting edge liver fibrosis or cirrhosis (cirrhotic stage).2 NAFLD is the most well-known reason for strange liver-tests results among adults.3 Is notable that liver biopsy is the highest quality level for NAFLD diagnosis.3,4 Some investigations have assessed radiological imaging for NAFLD conclusion with variable results.5,6 Magnetic reverberation imaging (MRI) has been the most believed picture concentrate for NAFLD recognition. None of the radiological imaging examines has demonstrated to contrast among NAFLD and NASH.5 This case report is a case of a patient with asymptomatic hypertransaminasemia and serious hepatic steatosis without irritation in which the conclusion was made by liver biopsy.

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