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 Endometriosis is an estrogen dependent disease characterized by the ectopic presence and growth of functional endometrial tissue, glands, and stroma, outside the uterine cavity .The disease most often affects the ovaries, uterine ligaments, fallopian tubes, rectum, cervical-vaginal region, and urinary tract. This will leads to pain in pelvic area and abnormal painful periods. Hormonal treatment and pain killers are the ways to treat the endometriosis. However, endometriosis can be encountered in other abdominal organs such as the liver, pancreas, intestinal tract, spleen, gallbladder, the abdominal wall, and even the navel. Approximately 10% of women in reproductive age are estimated to be affected by this disease and its symptoms. Online Journals are scholarly and peer reviewed journals. Online Journals also aims to reach a large number of readers worldwide with original and current research work completed on the vital issues of the above important disciplines.


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