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Cyberbullying is harassing that happens over computerized gadgets like mobile phones, PCs, and tablets. Cyberbullying can happen through SMS, Text, and applications, or online in internet based life, discussions, or gaming where individuals can see, take part in, or share content. Cyberbullying incorporates sending, posting, or sharing negative, unsafe, bogus, or mean substance about another person. It can incorporate sharing individual or private data about another person causing shame or mortification. Some cyberbullying goes too far into unlawful or criminal conduct. The most well-known spots where cyberbullying happens are: Internet based life, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok Text informing and informing applications on versatile or tablet gadgets Texting, direct informing, and web based talking over the web Online gatherings, talk rooms, and message sheets, for example, Reddit Email Web based gaming networks

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