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 Worldwide Journal of Clinical Trials (IJCT) is an open access, global, peer-explored diary that incorporates all parts of clinical preliminaries. The diary's full content is accessible online  The diary permits free access to its substance, offers an approach to make information both uninhibitedly accessible and profoundly obvious around the world; this will profit the effect of your distribution. Global Journal of Clinical Trials is committed to distributing articles on clinical preliminary strategy just as conventions, analyses and results papers. Worldwide Journal of Clinical Trials (IJCT) is one of the quickest correspondence diaries and articles are distributed online inside brief timeframe after acknowledgment of compositions, this will profit the social orders by getting quicker access to your clinical preliminary outcomes. The diary has an expansive inclusion for articles are clinical preliminary technique, conventional outcomes papers, administrative parts of clinical preliminary, research morals, clinical preliminary administration, clinical information the board and biostatistics. The diary has unhindered space and exploits all the specialized prospects accessible for electronic distributing. It is distributed quarterly and accessible in print and online form. Worldwide Journal of Clinical Trials (IJCT) agrees to the uniform prerequisites for original copies submitted to biomedical diaries, gave by the International Committee for Medical Journal Editors.

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