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Charcot Foot Open Access Articles

Charcot foot is a uncommon but severe complication that can affect people with peripheral neuropathy, especially those suffering from diabetes mellitus. Charcot affects foot or ankle bones, knees, and soft tissues. The bones become weak and can break, and may dislocate the joints in the foot or ankle. When not detected at its early stage, the joints in the foot will break, and the foot will gradually deform. A deformed foot can cause sores in the foot or ankle to develop. An open wound with deformity of the foot may cause infection and even amputation. Charcot foot occurs in people with peripheral neuropathy. This is a disease of damage to the nerves in the lower legs and feet. The harm is causing feet to lose sensation. The foot is red in the early stages, feels warm to the touch and the extremity is significantly swollen. The arch collapses when the midfoot gets entangled in Charcot foot, which circles the foot 's edge. This is called deformity of rocker-bottom foot. Depending on where the bone break is located, the toes may start curving under like claws or the ankle can become deformed and unstable.  

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