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 Clinical Case Reports invites case reports, clinical pictures, and procedural recordings from all territories of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Psychology, Medical Ethics, Social Work and Veterinary Science.    Clinical Case Reports intends to distribute cases which show the utilization of significant precise surveys. Clinical Case Reports additionally has a cozy relationship with the Cochrane Collaboration and case report entries which identify with Cochrane orderly surveys are a need for the Journal. In the event that your accommodation has a significant clinical message we might want to understand it!    For what reason would we say we are keen on basic just as phenomenal clinical situations? Our view is that by distributing significant regular clinical situations oversaw by concurred best practice standards we will help educate a more extensive clinical crowd than the more exclusive reports.    Motivations to distribute with Clinical Case Reports:    • High effect – your case can improve wellbeing results    • High norm, thorough companion audit    • Open Access – reports are distributed under a Creative Commons permit and creators are the copyright holder    • Wide scattering - articles are distributed on Wiley Online Library and the diary has been acknowledged by PubMed Central    • Over 900,000 article downloads in 2018 alone!    Clinical Case Reports is blessed to be bolstered by numerous different diaries distributed by Wiley, including various society-claimed diaries. These diaries partake in the Manuscript Transfer Program by alluding case reports and offering creators the choice to have their paper, with any companion audit reports, consequently moved to Clinical Case Reports. Various diaries which don't distribute case reports additionally bolster Clinical Case Reportsby guiding creators to the diary in their creator rules.

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