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The property whereby two medicines with identical active components (as a brand name medication and its generic counterpart) or 2 distinct dosage types of drugs (as tablet and oral suspension) of the same medication have the same bioavailability and produce similar impact at the physiological activity site. Open access to the scientific literature means eliminating obstacles to accessing academic research (including price obstacles). There are two parallel links to open access: open access and self-archiving articles. Open Access papers are accessible instantly, freely on their website, a model often funded by fees charged by the author (usually via a research grant). The option for a writer is to make the article accessible on their personal and/or institutional websites (including so-called databases or archives) in a standard journal, where only subscribers have immediate access, which is a practice allowed by many academic journals. Open Access raises practical and policy questions for scholars, publishers, funders and policy-makers alike, including what the return on investment is when paying an article processing fee to be published in open access articles, or whether investments should be made in institutional repositories and whether self-archiving should be made compulsory, as contemplated by some funders.

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