Alzheimers Impact Factor

 The Journal of the Alzheimer's Peer-review Journals is a monthly, peer-reviewed publication that shares comprehensive scientific knowledge about Alzheimer’s and all dementia with the global community. Publications are focused on the early and accurate detection of individuals with memory complaints and/or among asymptomatic individuals at elevated risk for various forms of memory disorders. By providing easy access to interdisciplinary research and perspectives, the journal aims to bridge gaps across a wide range of bench-to-bedside investigations, give impetus for new initiatives that accelerate research, and identify promising new directions of research. Rapid communication of new findings and ideas. Disseminating knowledge necessary for optimal translation of research findings into practical application and interventions. Increasing knowledge in diverse disciplines to promote early detection, diagnosis and/or interventions. Identifying promising new directions of research. Providing the scientific impetus for new initiatives.  

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