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Awards Stem Cell Conference 2020: 6th Annual Congress on Cell Science, Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine

Sujata Law

Department of Biochemistry and Medical Biotechnology, Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, E-mail: msuj2002@yahoo.co.in



Expert Level

This is honour for the specialists who have made remarkable commitments to progressing in undifferentiated cell. It is the loftiest honour of the entire gathering and is labelled as logical help Achievement grant. The qualification criteria for accomplishing this honour is that one ought to have least of 20+ long stretches of involvement with the relative field out in the open or private part. The collector of this honour ought to have a devoted interest and should step up to the plate in looking into the on-going patterns and improvements towards the related subjects. You can select meriting the honour through on the web

Professional Level

The Award for expert or scholastic research action obtained in foundational microorganism inquire about field in general society or private segment for specialists having research information at 10+ years in the field of undeveloped cell with most significant achievements. Low maintenance examine experience would be considered ace rata. It is determined beginning from the date when you acquired the (principal) degree qualifying you for set out on a doctorate (either in the nation where the degree was gotten or in the nation wherein the analyst is enlisted), regardless of whether a doctorate was never begun or visualized. You can choose meriting the honour through on the web

Scholar Level

The gathering offers Scholar Level Award for the up and coming researchers, specialists and specialists having 10+ years inquire about involvement with the field of foundational microorganism . Our meeting might want to give best stage to extend your system by sharing your examination information at organize. Introduction incorporates 25-30 minutes of oral chat on the logical research points dependent on the topic of the gathering alongside 5 minutes board dialogs. You can designate meriting the honour through on the web

Women Scientist

Our Conference gives a one of a kind stage to ladies researchers for giving most recent research extends an inside and out investigation. We unconditionally welcome ladies researchers and researchers from Universities/Industries to who have 10+ long periods of research understanding to join the discussion. We are glad to empower our ladies researcher's members through research grants and give help to ladies researchers in profession advancement and research direction through our joint efforts. Ladies Scientist can choose meriting the honour through on the web.

Outstanding Speaker

This honour perceives for person who will introduce their ventures, procedures, and plans that have been executed to improve long haul greatness in foundational microorganism you can name meriting the honour through on the web

Best Poster Presentation

Student Poster Competition is composed at Conference, to support understudies and late graduates to exhibit their unique research. Every acknowledged dynamic will be introduced at the notice sessions during the gathering. Meeting Series targets setting a stage for all the maturing researchers and analysts to exhibit their on-going work and offer their perspectives and viewpoints identified with the topic of the gathering. You can designate somebody meriting the honour through on the web.