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, Volume: 14( 2) DOI: 10.37532/ 2320-1967.2022. 14(2).159

A Short Commentary on the Comparison of Medically Important Natural Products and Synthetic Drugs

Jenny NisarDepartment of Chemistry, The University of Lahore, Sargodha campus, Sargodha 000, Pakistan., E-mail:
Received date: April 08, 2022, Manuscript No. tscx-22-80350; Editor assigned: April 11, 2022, PreQC No. tscx-22-80350 (PQ); Reviewed: April 15, 2022, QC No. tscx-22-80350(Q); Revised: April 20, 2022, Manuscript No. tscx-22-80350(R); Published date: April 28, 2022, DOI: 10.37532/ 2320-1967.2022. 14(2).159

Citation: Jenny Nisar. A Short Commentary on the Comparison of Medically Important Natural Products and Synthetic Drugs. 2022;14(2):159.


Nature as roused people since days of yore and each individual from human race, regardless of beginning and religion, keeps nature at a regarded place. It is a typical conviction that all that happens in nature has useful impacts when contrasted with results of anthropogenic beginning. The clinical calling is all around as old as the mankind's set of experiences as is the historical backdrop of drugs. In flow time, with headway in clinical science, the power of illnesses has likewise expanded. New medications are being created for the therapy of muddled infections however these meds are themselves related with various secondary effects that reach from minor to cut off power. The meds from nature then again seem, by all accounts, to be more successful than the manufactured partner. This short discourse manages correlation of manufactured drugs and the medications from nature with extraordinary accentuation on degree of aftereffects related with the two classes.


Synthetic drugs; Natural drugs; Holistic therapy


For quite a while, natural treatment or old stories prescriptions were generally utilized for the treatment of numerous illnesses in numerous nations (both created or creating). In th century local healers, maternity specialists, botanists and generally ladies utilized just home grown meds/flavors for the treatment of numerous illnesses. With the progression of time, with headway in the field of medications, engineered drugs progressively began supplanting normal meds regardless of the way that previous have a few secondary effects too. Albeit numerous engineered meds are serving mankind and are in great practice yet many prescriptions are accounted for to make serious side impacts. The majority of the normal drugs like Anti-inflamatory medicine, Clopidogrel, Diclofenac, Enoxaparin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen and Warfarin are available without a prescription and are related with minor (back torment to cerebral pains) to serious incidental effects (over the top dying, drain and trouble breathing, and so on) . Home grown drugs are phytochemical compounds utilized for the treatment of numerous illnesses. Spices have dynamic fixings which go about as medication for example sedatives (utilized for decrease of agony, sedation), digitalis (acts against cardiovascular breakdown and some unusual heart rhythms) and taxol (anticancer). A few restorative plants showed cell reinforcement movement. As a matter of fact, various spices are accounted for with different therapeutic impact and are utilized practically speaking now days too.

Spices/restorative plant/custom made cures are more affordable than the manufactured medications and greater part people groups in provincial/in reverse region have ignorant religiosity on them. They are correct on the grounds that they can treat any illness by utilizing them with next to no deadly aftereffects. Hand crafted cures are not just valuable for the treatment of various illnesses but at the same time are broadly utilized for upgrading excellence and for relieving skin related issues. Then again, manufactured drugs combined by utilizing various techniques in the research facility and these are the medications which are not tracked down in nature. Albeit home grown medications are less strong in contrast with engineered drugs at times yet these are thinking about less harmful or having less aftereffect rather than manufactured drugs. A definitive standard for any medication (human made or regular) is their nontoxicity, viability, explicitness, steadiness and strength. Home grown drugs are valuable in thought comprehensive treatment for fix of practically all afflictions. Keeping this in view, presently numerous scientists changing theirs field from manufactured to normal side to investigate nature to an ever increasing extent.

Engineered drugs fix illness as well as aims serious aftereffect to human body. A ton of models detailed in writing which is connected with the aftereffects cause by the manufactured medications e.g; Paracetamol is notable antipyretic medication however it can likewise cause liver harming as significant secondary effect. Naproxen causes gastrointestinal secondary effects. Ibuprofen is another antipyretic medication which causes nephrotoxicity, including renal disappointment when given to volume drained youngsters.

Spices as well as flavors including turmeric, cloves, cinnamon and chiliesApril have a therapeutic impact to human body. For instance, turmeric contain curcumin which is possibly dynamic against numerous sicknesses e.g, irritation, melancholy, torment, joint pain, skin infections and so on.

All in all, everything made by the God on this planet has a beneficial outcome rather than human made thing/prescriptions. Rather than looking manufactured drugs for the fix of any infection, we should consider normal medications which can lessen the aftereffects, poison levels of engineered partners and will augment helpful outcomes with best and dynamic recuperating impacts. Numerous infections restored by the manufactured drugs yet proposals medications fix illness as well as grants terrible aftereffects to the human body

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