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Wound Healing Activity of Traditional Herbal Formulation

Author(s): Md. Shafiuddin, Abdullah Khan and Sadath Ali

An indigenous herbal formulation containing, comphora officinarum (Kafoor), Shorea robusta (Raal), Beeswax (Apis mellifera), Acacia catechu (Katha safeed), Sesamum indicum (Til oil), and Azadirachta indica (Neem oil) was evaluated for wound healing activity in excision and incision wound models in albino rats. The activity was compared with that of the control and framycetin sulfate cream 1 % w/w as standard drug. The formulation showed a significantly higher contraction rate and shortened epithelization period in both the models. In excision model, the healing was 99% (p < 0.001) on 16th day compared to 85 % and 75% of healing with framycetin sulfate cream and control, respectively. In incision wound model, there was significant increase in tensile strength (p < 0.001). Thus, it is concluded that the formulation has got potential wound healing activity for both the types of wounds; justifying its use in the traditional practice.

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