Wound Healing Activity of Aqueous and Alcoholic Extrcts of Fruits of Zizyphus Oenoplia

Author(s): I. J. Kuppast and K. V. Satish Kumar

The wound healing activity of aqueous and alcoholic extracts of fruits of Zizyphus Oenoplia was evaluated by excision, Incision and dead space wound models on rats. The study was carried out by topical application of 5% w/w ointment of aqueous and alcoholic extract was prepared in 2% sodium alginate. The study includes measurement of parameters like rate of wound contraction, period of epithelialization, tensile strength of tissue and formation of granulation on tissue. The results revealed that the significant decrease in time of epithelialization, significant increase in tensile strength, and granuloma tensile strength in the animals treated with aqueous and alcoholic extracts of fruits of Zizyphus Oenoplia. Significant activity was found in alcoholic followed by aqueous extracts when compared to control. From the study it was concluded that both the extracts were found to posses significant wound healing activity. The results were compared with the Framycetin sulphate cream as reference standard drug.

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