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Water Quality Issues in the Tea Garden Belt of Darrang District, Assam

Author(s): Kamala Kanta Borah, Bhabajit Bhuyan and Hari Prasad Sarma

The present research has been carried out to study some of the water quality parameters in and around the selected tea gardens of Darrang district, Assam. Sixteen water samples are analysed by adopting standard analytical techniques of APHA. In this study, the tools used for data analysis are mainly experimental, aimed at defining possible relationships, trends, or interactions among the measured variables of interest. Descriptive statistics in the forms of mean, variance, standard deviation, standard error, median, range of variation and percentile at 95%, 75% and 25% are computed for eight water quality parameters. t-test is done under null hypothesis (H0) by taking the assumption that the experimental data are consistent with the mean rating given by W.H.O. One-way ANOVA and confidential limit at 95% is also calculated by using ORIGIN 6.1 version. It is found that the inherent quality of waters in the tea garden belt of Darrang district, Assam is low and a suitable socio-economic and policy environment to maintain and improve water quality is also required.

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