Water flow split in commercial T-junctions with outlet ends open to atmosphere

Author(s): Y.V.S.S.S.Kiran, P.U.R.Vital, K.Sarath Chandra, M.S.N.Murty, K.V.Ramesh

It is impossible to construct piping networks without using pipe tees. The pipe tees are also called as T-junctions. They are used either for combining the streams or for splitting the streams. Also they act as separators of twophase flow into individual phase-rich streams. Therefore, the T-junctions not only act as connecting junctions but can also perform other important tasks. In viewof this the present experiment has been carried out to elucidate the effect of dynamic variable such as inlet flowrate and geometric variables such as diameters of the arms of T-junction, and angle of orientation of branch. Only inherent phase split has been studied i.e., the outlet ends of Tjunction are open to atmosphere. That means the outlet arms of the Tjunction are not kept installed in the piping network. It was observed that the split ratio defined as flowin branch to flow in run is strongly influenced by the inlet flow rate, diameters and orientation. The data obtained on split ratio were analyzed graphically.

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