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Water as Natural Immunity Booster and Source of Minerals

Author(s): L. N. Malviya

Most of the people assume that water is just water. They know it is essential in order to survive, but they arenâ??t really aware of its nutritional value. Water can do several wonders for our body, it is especially crucial today, in the times of Corona. This is because water is one of the most natural immunity boosters and source of the minerals that can power up our body. Water keeps our body at a constant temperature, it helps eliminate waste, it facilitates digestion and, above all, it is necessary for the transportation of nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of cells. Minerals in water are important for the human health, since they appear in ionic form and are generally more easily absorbed in the intestines from water than they are from food. The aim of this article is to review the role of water as natural immunity booster and source of the minerals.
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