Wastewater Quality Studies of Inlet and Outlet at Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant at Bhopal, India

Author(s): R. K. Kushwah, S. Malik, K. Majumdar and A. Bajpai

This study was aimed to determine pH, turbidity, DO and BOD reduction from Municipal Wastewater. Municipal wastewater treatment plant is based on screening, sedimentation and waste stabilization technique using anaerobic and facultative ponds. In the present study, samples of influent and effluent wastewater from Badwai Municipal Wastewater treatment plant (MWWTP) situated at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh were collected during the year 2010. Physicochemical parameters namely pH, turbidity, DO and BOD were analyzed using standard methods. The results with treated water indicate that the wastewater treatment plant is efficient in treating wastewater and all the parameters were found to be in permissible limits. This treated water can be used for secondary purposes like industrial cooling and agricultural uses.

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