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Visible Spectrophotometric Determination of Capecitabine in Bulk Drug and Pharmaceutical Formulations

Author(s): Murali Balaram Varanasi, Mushraff Ali Khan, Venkateswara Rao Jangala and Bulusu Bhanu Teja

Two new simple, sensitive and cost effective visible spectrophotometric methods were developed for the estimation of capecitabine in both bulk drug samples and formulations. The two methods were based on the formation of ion pair complexes of the drug with two acidic dyes namely bromocresol green (BCG Method) and bromophenol blue (BPB Method) in acidic buffer solution followed by their extraction in organic solvent (chloroform). The absorbance of the organic layer for both the methods was measured at their respective absorption maxima i.e. at 426.5 nm for bromocresol green and 427.5 nm for bromophenol blue against the corresponding reagent blank. The methods obeyed Beer’s law between 20- 120 µg/mL for bromocresol green and 10-250 µg/mL for bromophenol blue.The interference studies also revealed the common excipients and other additives usually present in pharmaceutical dosage forms did not interfere in the proposed methods. The methods were statistically evaluated and the proposed methods were precise, accurate, sensitive, and cost effective and can be used in routine analysis in quality control laboratories.

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