Visible Light Induced Degradation of Acridine Orange Dye Over BaCrO4 Photocatalyst

Author(s): Brijesh Pare, Vijendra Singh, Prakash More and T. R. Thapak

The photocatalysed degradation of acridine orange dye has been investigated in aqueous suspension of BaCrO 4 under variety of conditions using visible spectrophotometric analysis technique. The effect of different parameters such as effect of H 2 O 2 and K 2 S 2 O 8 , catalyst loading, dye concentration, effect of pH, effect of FeCl 3 , effect of temperature, light intens ity, electron acceptors such as NaCl and Na 2 CO 3 on the rate of degradation of dye were stud ied. Decrease in chemical oxygen demand and increases in carbon dioxide indicate the complete mine ralization of acridine orange in the presence of BaCrO 4 . BaCrO 4 was found to be a potentially efficient photocatalyst for the visible light.

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