V5+and Fe3+ doped TiO2 composite nano-crystalline solar cell research

Author(s): Ding Shi-Wen, Zhang Hong-Jun, Zhang Yuan-Yuan

Prepared V5+, Fe3+ doped TiO2 and pure TiO2 in co-precipitation method, and prepare nanocrystalline TiO2 film with the three kinds of titanium dioxide in different order. The titanium dioxide crystal structure is mainly the anatase and few rutiles. According to atomic force microscope (AFM) examination, the shape of TiO2 is spherical shape and particle size of it is about 3-6nm. Assembles the solar cell and Surveys their electro-optical performance. The results showed that the Fe-Ti-V electrode performance is better then others, the short-circuit current is 1.1mA • cm-2 and the open circuit voltage (VOC) is 83mV.

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