Utilization of some sterols derived from Jatropha crusa as a substrate for production of androstiendion (AD) andandrostiendindione (ADD): maximization using isolated strain of Absidia corymbifera

Author(s): E.M.Ahmed, M.I.Mokhtar ,A.A.Hamdy

An isolated strain of Absidia corymbifera show potentiality to transform some sterols form Jatropha to important steroids, Androsteindione (AD) and Androstadienedione (ADD) as amajor products.An optimization depends on two levels factorial design as a screeningthe effective factors from the seven cultural factors was used. The most significant factors found to be the molasses concentration, time and temperature. These factorswere further optimized using three levels factorial design depending on polynomial quadratic equation.

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