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Utilization of Nanotechnology Optical Fibre for Electricity Transmission

Author(s): Azad Hussain*

The operation of the power network depends on the power communication network. This research investigates the use of optical fibre nanotechnology in power communication transmission. The optical transmission network technology, which is the primary transmission technology, is applied to the power communication network and a functional model of the optical transmission network device node is constructed. In the optical transmission network, the form of the terminal multiplexing device function module, the electrical cross device function module and the photoelectric hybrid cross device function module are examined. Utilizing optical transmission network technology, the optical multiplex portion and the optical transmission section are both subjected to the optical fibre nanotechnology. Strong third order optical nonlinearity of optical fibre nanotechnology and optical soliton communication are used in the power communication network to convey data. The experimental results demonstrate that the rate of the digital communication interface is higher than 7,000 bit/s in various service quantities and the loss of the communication cable is within the standard range when optical fibre nanotechnology is applied to power co communication transmission. This successfully verifies the dependability of optical fibre nanotechnology for the transmission of power.

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