Utility of Halogenated 2,4-Dioxobutanoate Derivative in the Synthesis of Nitrogeneous Heterocycles and their Biological Evaluation

Author(s): Naqui-Jahan Siddiqui

The reaction of 7-bromo - 5-chloro-2-acetyl-3-methylbenzofuran (1) with diethyloxalate in presence of NaOMe and NaOEt afforded (2) and (3) , respectively by Claisen’s condensation reaction. Treatment of the transesterified halogenated 2,4-dioxobutanoate (2) with different nucleophilic reagents undergo cyclocondensation to afford the corresponding (4) , (5) , (6) , (7) and (8) . The structures of all the newly synthesized compounds (2-8) have been characterized by their elemental and spectral studies such as IR, 1 H NMR, 13 C NMR and MS. The newly synthesized compounds were tested for their antimicrobial activities against two gram positive; two gr am negative bacteria and one fungus.

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