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Use of Natural Rose Flower Extract as Photosensitizer for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage: Rose Extract Ascorbic Acid - Nals System

Author(s): Koushalya, Gautam Singh, Sushil Yadav and R. D. Yadav

Photogalvanic effect has been studied in system that contain natural extract of rose flower petals as photosensitizer, ascorbic acid as reducing agent and NaLS as surfactant. The photopotential and photocurrent generated were 790 mv and 140 µA, respectively. The observed conversion efficiency was 0.6769% and the maximum power of cell was 110.60 µW. The storage capacity of the cell was on electrical output of the cell was observed and a mechanism has been proposed for the generation of photocurrent in photogalvanic cells.

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