Uraniumstripping fromloaded synergic solvent by sodiumcarbonate using pulsed column

Author(s): M.F.El-Shahat,H.M.Kamal, R.A.Gazalla,W.M.Morsy

The uraniumstripping results froma loaded synergic solvent (3%D2EHPA/ 3%TBP) by sodium carbonate solution and the uranium peroxide precipitation from the pregnant strip solution (PSS) are presented. The experiments were carried out in batch as well as in continuous scale (laboratory pulsed column). In a laboratory pulsed column, operating parameters have been optimizedas 0.036m/s pulsation intensity and 30m/hr flux (total flowrate), through hold-up and uraniumstripping efficiencymeasurements. Thereafter PSS containing 48gU/l was obtained,the sulfate content reduction from the PSS was carried out by the addition of lime up to pH 3.0then; uranium precipitation was carried out by H2O2 addition. Acalcining product assaying 80.33%U was obtained.

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