Uranium extraction from sulphuric acid solution using anion-exchange resin

Author(s): S.A.Mohamed, M.E.I.Sheta, M.G.Mahfouz, S.H.Ahmed, M.M.Abdel Aal

Uranium is currently recovered from sulfuric acid leach liquors using anion exchange resins asAmberlite IRA402 (Cl-). This technology is based upon the facts that uranium exists as anionic complexes in this liquor and that the anion exchange resins have a high selectivity for these complexes. This takes place by controlling the pH, shaking time, temperature, and resin to solution ratio(R/S). In this work batch technique used for extraction of uranium from sulphate medium and after extraction elution process takes place using 1M NaCl. After extraction and elution process the solution separated from the resin and uranium is determined.

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