Uranium Extraction from El-Hammamat Sediment, Eastern Desert, Egypt Using Solvent-in-Pulp Method

Author(s): Ali MM, Hussein AEM, El Didamony AM and Youseif WM

The present work deals with uranium recovery from sulfate leach slurry of El-Hammamat sediment GV using solvent-in-pulp technique (SIP), where the solvent (trioctyleamine) mixed with the leaching slurry without prior solid/liquid separation. To achieve this objective, different factors have been studied namely; contact time, solvent concentration, dilution factor, type of surfactant, surfactant/solid ratio. About 90% uranium extraction efficiency was attained by the application of the extraction (solvent-in-pulp) optimum conditions. Also, about 98% of the loaded uranium could be stripped by using sulfuric acid as an effective stripping agent.

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