Tris-(1, 10-Phenanthroline) Cobalt (III) Bromide Chloride Hexahydrate: Synthesis, Characterization, Antimicrobial Screening and XRD Studies

Author(s): K. Arun Kumar, P. Meera, M. Amutha Selvi and A. Dayalan

A novel complex, tris-(1,10-phenanthroline)cobalt(III) bromide chloride, viz., [Co (phen)3] BrxCly has been prepared and characterized by UV-visible, FT-IR and 1H NMR spectral analysis. The single crystal XRD- analysis of the complex reveals that composition of the complex corresponds to [Co (phen)3]Br1.5Cl1.5. 6H2O and hence, it may be named, as tris-(1,10-phenanthroline-k2 N,N') cobalt (III) 1.5 bromide 1.5 chloride hexahydrate. The complex was subjected to antimicrobial screening and found to show good activity.

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