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Treatment of Colored Domestic Wastewater by Electrocoagulation

Author(s): Barun Kumar Nandi, Kritika Goyal, Ashish Yadav and Sunanda Mishra

In this work, applicability of electrocoagulation for the treatment of colored domestic wastewater has been studied using aluminum electrodes. Synthetic wastewater was prepared using ‘UJALA’, a violet coloured liquid solution (containing acid violet dye), used for increasing brightness of white clothes. The effect of operational parameters such as, current density, time of electrolysis, initial UJALA concentration and solution conductivity were studied to reach higher removal efficiency. The finding in this study shows that an increase in the current density from 34.7 to 138.8 A/m2 enhanced the colour removal efficiency with initial UJALA concentration of 1mL/L. It was also observed that, an increase in salt (NaCl) concentration in the solution reduces the specific electrical energy consumption.

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