To Study Growth Aspect of Two Different Species of Pieces sillago sihama and Otolithus Rubber of JODIA Coast of Gulf of Kuchchh

Author(s): Radadiya BB and Babaria SS

India possesses about 6100 km long coastal area.About 23% of the total fishermen population is actually engaged with fishery business. In developing country like India the human population needs protein rich food. It is possible to get such nutritive food from the marine resources as we have such long coastal area and sufficient men power. Gujarat is one of the best marine state having about 1600 km long coastal area. Gulf of Kuchh possesses more marine fish production. More than 350 different species of class pieces provide an excellent food resource for human population. It is necessary to get scientific knowledge. The present paper deals with growth aspect of two different species of class pieces in gulf of Kuchchh.

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