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Tissue Engineering Applications of Non-mulberry Silk Protein Fibroin Nano Biocomposite Reinforced with Carbon Nanofibers

Author(s): Alexa Smith

Natural silk protein fibroin based biomaterials are widely employed in tissue engineering due to their aqueous manufacturing, slow biodegradability, mechanical durability, minimal immunogenicity, dielectric properties, customizable features, sufficient and simple availability. Carbon nanofibers have been investigated for their conductivity, mechanical strength, and potential as a delivery system for tiny molecules. The absence of confirmation of cytocompatibility and limited dispersibility are the main obstacles to their use as successful biomaterials. Throughout the last few decades, many firms have invested substantial quantities of money on biomaterials research in order to create more acceptable, biocompatible items. Biomaterials must be engineered and advanced for use in tissue bioengineering and the healthcare business during this time due to their rapid expansion.
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