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TiO2 nanocrystals' photocatalytic capabilities are affected by physical chemistry factors.

Author(s): Martin Abbey

We investigated the effects of various physical-chemical parameters on photocatalysis using a novel synthesis of TiO2 anatase 6 nm nanocrystals made at room temperature and we bench-tested the material against two commercial powders made of either pure anatase (SigmaTM) or composite anatase-rutile particles (P25 DegussaTM). After thermal activation, the original material has a low photocatalytic activity, which is significantly increased due to improved crystallinity without a significant change in crystal size. The impact of a number of additional factors was investigated, and the results of the tests were contrasted with those of commercial goods. The overall improvement brought about by these various criteria ultimately produced a substance that has a higher photocatalysis than commercial anatase and is comparable to the commercial substance frequently used as a benchmark (P25). This work demonstrates how post-treatment and process adaptation can aid in the optimization of an original material and is applicable to various titania materials

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